Heavy Bus Simulator Mod APK v1.0.88 (All Unlocked)

Do you want to examine your driving skills then test heavy bus simulator mod apk. A wonderful simulation game where you will play the role of the driver. In this game, you have to drive on Brazil’s roads, towns, cities, and mountains to deliver a promising trip to your passengers.

Overview of Heavy Bus Simulator MOD Apk

It is an incredible simulation game featuring a striking storyline. In this game, you will progress as a bus driver, who has to transport his passengers to their terminus.

heavy bus simulator apk + obb

How to play?

In the beginning, a default vehicle will provide you with which passengers will board from the specified area. As a bus driver, it is your ultimate duty to transport them to their final destination. Keep your finger on the gas pedal, to move your vehicle and to alter your direction, click on the respective direction. If you are not comfortable with this control, move to the setting of the game and enable the tilt control there. By enabling this control you can handily alter your vehicle direction by tilting your smartphone in the respective direction.

Furthermore, to assist you, a small detailed map will appear on the right side of the screen. Once you safely transport your all passengers to their destination, accomplishing a challenge, you will be awarded exciting rewards.

More challenges

Heavy bus simulator submits multiple exciting challenges. The more challenges you accomplish, the more rewards you gain. In addition to rewards, by completing exciting challenges you can also unlock some exciting items which will be helpful for you to progress in the game fastly.

And try to make your passengers happy because once they were satisfied with your services they will come back and plays a crucial role in your progress.

mod apk heavy bus simulator indonesia myanmar skin

Top 5 features of heavy bus simulator apk download

1. Realistic 3d game

It is a 3D realistic game imitating realistic rules i.e. switching a respective headlight while making a turn in the left or right direction, turning on headlights at the night, and many more. In short, you have to follow all the real-time driving rules and regulations in this unique simulation game. In this way, it facilitates its users to undergo a realistic 3D driving experience handily on their smartphones. That’s why it has gained millions of hearts globally.

2. Distinct exclusive buses

Heavy bus simulator all buses submit multiple advanced buses. Initially, a default red bus will provide to you. Once you earn enough money then you can handily purchase your favourite vehicle from the garage. There are no specific names of buses, they can be only divided on their colours. So accomplish maximum missions to purchase the best vehicles handily.

Furthermore, you can also customize your vehicles according to your taste. Alter your vehicle colour, glasses, wheels, body, seats, etc to customize your vehicle according to your preferences.

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3. Muti-view feature

A noteworthy feature of the heavy bus simulator that makes it unique from other games is its multi-view feature. By manipulating this unique feature, you can take the front view, back view, and side view handily by merely sitting in the driver’s seat. In addition, you can also glimpse outside through windows.

4. Elevated graphics

Heavy bus simulator hack offers 3D high graphics. Stunning cities, magnificent mountains, and glorious towns all are looking real. In addition, it also features the day-night cycle and weather cycle which makes it more realistic. In short, all the items are precisely managed in the game.

5. Heavy bus simulator mod unlocked

Some private servers have worked hard and created heavy bus simulator apk mod by making some changes to its basic version. Its mod version enables its users to manipulate its feature limitlessly.

In its basic version, initially, some exclusive items are locked which will unlock with the passage of time. But in its hacked version, all the items are unlocked as you install it. In its basic version, once you unlock its exclusive vehicles, it is difficult for you to purchase them because of their high costs. Some exclusive vehicles range from $100,000 to $750,000. But in its modded variant, you can handily purchase them without wasting your time in compiling enough money because its mod version features infinite money. So download the heavy bus simulator mod apk to get access to unique skins, advanced vehicles, infinite money, and exciting challenges for free.

What’s New?

Heavy bus simulator 1.0.88 update

  • Minor bug fixes

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What do you need to play?

Size: 260 MB

Required OS: 5.0 or up

Require Rooted Device: No

Download Heavy Bus Simulator MOD APK + obb

Installation Steps:

Follow some simple steps to install the heavy bus simulator apk mod on your smartphone.

  • Firstly permit the unauthorized sources from your device setting because several modded variants require this permission to successfully download on your device.
  • Secondly, download it by clicking on the download link or tapping on the download button. It will take a few seconds to download.
  • Once it is successfully downloaded, thirdly install it. To install it first search for the downloaded app in your file manager and tap on the downloaded app.
  • After a few seconds, the icon of the app will appear on your device screen.
  • Now obey the in-app instruction and celebrate its impressive features.


Heavy bus simulator mod apk is an impressive simulation game where you will accomplish its exciting missions as a driver. You have to explore the amazing towns, cities, and mountains of Brazil by manipulating its detailed map to transport your passengers safely to their destinations.

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