Zombie World War MOD APK Latest Version (Unlimited money)

You have played several action games but today we will introduce you to an exceptional strategic action game namely Zombie World War Mod Apk where you have to encounter disastrous zombies to protect yourself and your entire world from the zombies’ invasion

Zombie World War Apk

Zombie World War is an unusual strategic action game featuring an enchanting storyline. In this game, you will find yourself in a dark apocalyptic world replete with weird zombies. All the people except you had turned into zombies. Now everyone is expecting you that you will turn all the people normal by smashing fatal zombies.

Zombie World War Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Actually, it is based on the horror novel History of Zombie War by Max Brook. In this novel, people are infected by the Solanum virus. They are behaving weirdly because they are slowly altering into zombies. Seem like free survival fire battleground mod apk. This novel is a compilation of individual accounts where a person has to fight against zombies to defend their entire world from catastrophic zombies.

Remember once a zombie will bit you, the virus will be transferred to your body and after someone, you will also become a zombie. So be careful while combatting them because even your single mistake can turn you into a wired zombie. That’s why to protect yourself and to exterminate the zombies’ plague from the entire world you have to battle carefully against zombies with the aid of your powerful weapons.

To engage its players in its thrilling gameplay it features 126 intriguing levels and 21 eye-catching scenes. Its 3D graphics and captivating background music further make it intriguing. Whenever the zombies will attack you, you will hear a certain sound. After hearing this certain sound you have to move to the safe zone to safeguard yourself from the zombie’s disastrous attack. While making your way if you encounter any zombies manipulate your weapons skillfully to smack your adversary.

What is Zombie World War Mod Apk

It is a pro version of its original app where you will get some exceptional features of this unique combating game wholly for free. This mod version will assist you to progress in the game quickly by proposing some special features like

  • Infinite Money
  • Countless diamonds
  • Infinite resources
  • Unlatched all levels
  • Unlocked all weapons
  • God Mode
  • Ad free
  • Free to use

So why are waiting? If you are a regular player of this unique combatting game and lag in the game due to finite sources then quickly switch to its mode variant to effortlessly progress in its engaging gameplay exclusively for free.

Detailed Features of Zombie World War APK

Character Customization:

Like other games, Zombie World War Mod Apk also features character customization. By utilizing this feature you can easily customize your characters entirely according to your preferences. Choose a distinct character, t-shirt, pants, headgear, shoes, hairstyle, etc to make your character impressive. In this way, you can scrutinize as well as enhance your customizing skills handily.

Thrilling Modes and Levels:

ZombieWorld War Apk Download features 126 thrilling levels which are categorized into 3 distinct modes to continue the storyline.

Zombie World War Mod APK Latest Version

Enroll in all three distinct modes one by one to go through unique battling experiences because each level possesses certain challenges with distinct hardships. Nightmare mode is considered one of its most dangerous modes but never step back to enlist in this mode because it is the best opportunity for you to show your combatting skills in front of the entire world and lead the leaderboards.

Potent Weapons :

Zombie World War Mod Apk Update submits numerous potent weapons categorized into three distinct categories encompasses primary, secondary, and heavy weapons.

Zombie World War Mod Apk Download

Primary weapons: Mostly utilized weapons type encompassing most ammo and providing huge damage to your adversaries.i.e Scout Rifle, Compact SMG, Shotgun, etc

Secondary Waepons: Usually used as a backup. They are used when you run out of primary ammo or want to preserve primary ammo .i.e Pistol, Machine Pistol, Flaregun, etc

Heavy Weapons: This category encompasses the strongest weapons of this game. They gave huge damage to your rivals .i.e Payload Rifle, RPG Launcher, Machinegun, etc

Exciting Missions :

Exciting challenges and daily missions are the true essence of any game. Players do a lot of effort into performing these exciting missions which in return gives them exclusive rewards. These exciting missions will also assist to unlatch several exclusive items. For example, in the Zombie World War Mod Apk, you have to smash 100 zombies to clear a particular level.

Endless Money :

Utilize the endless money featured in its hacked variant to purchase exclusive characters, customization items, and weapons. Also, upgrade your weapons to make them invincible by manipulating this infinite money and smashing the harmful zombies effortlessly.

Unlock All Weapons :

The Zombie World War Hack Mod Apk Download features multiple advanced potent weapons but some of the exclusive weapons are latched in their original version which will be unlatched with your progress in the game. To battle with them, you have to wait till they are available for purchase. But in its pro version, you don’t have to wait to purchase your favourite exclusive weapons because here all the weapons are unlocked at the beginning of the game.

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Components of Zombie World War Mod Apk

Regular Zombies Zeke, Zombified Survivor, Zombified Solider
Special Enemies Lurker, Gasbag, Bull, Screamer, Infector, Bomber, Booster
Weapons Compact SMG, Scout Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Machine Pistol, Flaregun, Payload Rifle, RPG  Launcher, Machinegun, etc
Equipments Frag Grenade, Molotov Cocktail, C4, Masking Gas Grenade, Supply Bag, Stun Gun



Zombie World War Mod Apk is a unique combatting game where you have to encounter fatal zombies. Here your main goal is to exterminate the disastrous effect of the zombies’ plague from the entire world to make it normal. And it is only possible when you smash all the zombies with your potent weapons. So take it once if you are a batting devotee.


What is Zombie World War Mod Apk?

It is a usual combatting game where you have to fight against catastrophic zombies to protect your life and free the entire world from the zombies’ disease.

How to unlock all worlds in the Zombie World War App?

In its original version, accomplish the complete storyline to unlock its all words. On the other hand, you can also unlock them by purchasing their from an online store. But by enrolling in its mod apk you don’t have to do anything because here all the worlds are already unlocked at the beginning of the game.

Is the Zombie World War Apk Mod an age-restricted game?

It is a severely violent game so it should be played by players aged 16 or above it.

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