Blade of God MOD APK Download 6.1.5 (Unlimited Money)

Blade of God Mod Apk is an intense 3D action game with RPG elements and a drastic storyline. In this game, you can play distinct roles depending on your mood. You can play a role of a good or a bad character depending on your preferences. Whether you play a positive character or a negative character, the storyline will be different but in both cases, you have to fight against your potent adversaries.

Blade of God Mod Apk

Blade of God is a fierce action and adventurous game based on dark mythologies. In the beginning, first, you have to select your role, either a positive or a negative role. You have to choose between protection and devastation. To dominate the game incorporate lighting with your perfect combos.

It is all about dodging, tossing, evolving, spirit summoning, and executing distinct combos. Furthermore, its scenes and maps are developed on Norse mythology.

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In the Blade of God Apk, numerous characters are latched. To play their storyline first you have to unlock them by accomplishing other characters’ storylines like Slither io MOD APK. It may be a time taking process and maybe hectic for some of you because you will not able to take your favourite character in the beginning. But you don’t have to bother about it if you are using Blade of God Mod Apk. It is a modified version of this intense action game where all the characters are unlocked at the advent of the game. In this cracked variant you will access some of its phenomenal features freely which will assist you to advance in the game quickly. Its hack version includes;

MOD Features

  • Infinite Money
  • Endless Gems
  • Unlocked all characters
  • One-hit
  • God mode
  • No Ads
  • Free of charge

Blade of God Full Version Features

Distinct Chapters :

The Blade of God Mod Apk Unlocked All Chapters is divided into distinct chapters with 3 real worlds and 9 different countries. Each chapter submits a striking storyline with distinct brutal beasts. So enroll in its distinct chapters to go through a unique experience of combatting. But remember some of its chapters are free while some others are paid. To enroll in its paid characters first, you have to purchase them by paying for its premium subscription.

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Fascinating Storylines with Distinct Endings :

It proposes distinct storylines featuring battles among angles and beasts. Select a particular side that you want to support in the game. Depending on your choice the storyline will further progress and leads to a certain ending of the game.

Mighty Characters :

Blade of God Apk Mod features 100+ beasts possessing ultimate powers. All the characters are divided into three main categories i.e.warrior, summoner, and wizard. Each class possesses distinct combatting skills and styles. For example, warriors can knock down the chords of potent adversaries, the wizard can cast spells and the summoner will assist you to defend against your rivals’ attacks.

You have to hit your mighty rivals with your deadly combos while combatting them in 50 distinct locations. Defeat them with your exceptional combos because once you defeat them you will get exclusive rewards. In addition, you can also summon them to assist you in your future wars.

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Character Upgrading :

You can also upgrade your characters to make them invincible. When you accomplish the storyline of any character or achieve any daily challenge your characters will win some experience points. With these experience points you can unlock some additional abilities of your character that will be beneficial for you to beat your rivals.

Summon Beasts :

As the Blade of God Hack is an intense action game where you have to confront mighty adversaries to protect yourself, but sometimes it is problematic for you to beat them. That’s why Blade of God Mod Apk enables its users to summon beasts that you have defeated to assist you.

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Intriguing Style and Graphics :

Blade of God Mod Apk Unlimited Money is an adventurous game based on dark mythology. Darkness can be seen everywhere in the game. Each character possesses distinct abilities with a 3D model that makes it realistic. Further, its 3D vivid graphics and animations play a crucial role in delivering a realistic experience to its players.

Infinite Money :

In the Blade of God Hack Apk, you have to accomplish several character storylines and various daily events to compile enough money handily purchase exclusive items and characters. But in its cracked version you don’t have to do such time-consuming activities because its mod app features infinite money. So take your favourite characters even at the advent of the game.

Free of Cost :

After installing the Blade of God Mod, you can get its premium subscription wholly for free. You don’t have to pay even a single penny to install it on your device which is an attractive feature of its cracked variant.


Blade of God Mod Apk is a 3D action and adventurous game based on dark mythology. Here you have to fight against your adversaries by playing a positive or a negative role depending on your mood. It is one of the phenomenal games for all those who are interested in dark mythology movies and games.


Can we choose the storyline of the Blade of God Mod Menu?

Yes, by selecting your role you can choose your storyline in the game. Your storyline will be altered in accordance with your role i.e. good or bad.

How to become more mighty in this combatting game?

To become more powerful in the game, summon the beasts that you have already defeated to assist you.

Can I play the role of villain?

Of course, it depends on you whether you want to be the God or villain.

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